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Breed History:
The Sussex was bred over a century ago in Sussex, England.  This is a pink skinned bird of which made it less popular among North Americans who favor the yellow skinned breeds.  Although they now come in many color varieties, brown, red, & speckled were the original varities.  This breed is one of the oldest existing breeds
that has made a large contribution
to the poultry world. Sussex are excellent layers of around 240 to 260 eggs a year.  They also are massive meaty birds that are slow to mature.  The early breeding and history of the Sussex is unclear but became an established breed in 1845.  

Accepted into the
American Poultry Association
in 1914 as a distinctive breed

The Sussex is in the English Class

Color Varieties:
Speckled:  A.P.A. 1914
Red:  A.P.A. 1914
Light:  A.P.A. 1929
Buff:  Not Accepted
Coronation:  Not Accepted
Silver:  Not Accepted

Breed Description:

Legs & Beak:  Horn Beak & Pinkish White Legs
Comb:  Straight
Earlobes:  Oval smooth & medium sized
Egg Color:  Brown
Appearance:  Long, flat, & broad its entire length.  Tail is medium length and carried at a 35 degree horizontal angle

Cock 9 lbs
Cockeral 7.5 lbs
Hen 7 lbs
Pullet 6 lbs