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Royal Palm Turkey

Breed History:
The name of the Royal Palm Turkey says it all.  This bird is the most beautiful of all the turkey breeds and was bred primarily for ornamental puposes.  This bird is of medium statue with a distinctive offset black and white flecking occurried occassionally in mixed variety flocks.  However, Mr. Enos Carson of Florida began breeding to stabilize the color in this bird around the 1920's.  When the tom (male) displays his tail, the banded black and white markings are breathtaking.  This bird is a great choice for backyard breeders because they are docile, make great foragers, and have a small carcuss for a small family meal.

Accepted into the
American Poultry Association
in 1977 as a distinctive breed

The Royal Palm Turkey is in the Turkey Class

Color Variety:
Silvery White Trimmed in Black:  A.P.A. 1977

Definition:  Rare Heritage Breed

Breed Description:
Legs & Beak:  Light Horn Beak with White Legs edged in Black
Beard:  Black
Eyes:  Light Brown
Throat-Wattle:  Red changeable to Bluish White
Head:  Red changeable to Bluish White

Old Tom 22 lbs
Young Tom 16 lbs
Old Hen 12 lbs
Young Hen 10 lbs

Breeders With Royal Palm Turkeys:
Mr. Jeff Smith