Breeders of Rare Poultry !

Katz's Blue Moon Farm

HPBAA is happy to have Mr. Ari Katz of Takoma Park, Maryland as one of our Members.  Ari is out first Junior Member and has been a Member since April of 2012.  You may contact Ari at:

Poultry At
Katz's Blue Moon Farm:

Ari has the Smith Line of Black & Blue Ameraucans.  These beautiful birds can be seen in the photo below.

History of the Ameraucana

The Ron Pierce Line of Delawares in the photos above are a very old line of a very old breed at Katz's Blue Moon Farm.

History of the Delaware

Blue Copper Marans can be found at Katz's Blue Moon Farm in Maryland.

History of the Marans

Buff Orpingtons
History of the Orpingtons

Plymouth Rocks:
Ari has both the Barred & the Buff Plymouth Rocks at his farm.  Both color varieties can be seen in the photos below.

History of the Plymouth Rock

Rhode Island Reds:
A fantastic breed for egg production and general purpose use.  Ari has some good healthy Reds on his farm and they can be seen in the photos below.

History of the Rhode Island Red

Lay those beautiful dark eggs!  The Grishom Line of Welsummers seen in the photos below are some of the first Welsummers to come to the U.S.  You can find this line at Katz's Blue Moon Farm.

History of the Welsummer

Bantam Poultry:
Ari has both the Red Pyle (Seen in the photos above) and the Brown Red (Seen in the photos below) variety of Old English Game Bantams.

Geese At
Katz's Blue Moon Farm:

There's no doubt about it!  We are pretty sure that Ari loves his Pomeranian Geese!

The Saddleback Pomeranian Goose is one of the newest breeds of Geese accepted by the A.P.A.  However, as seen in the photo above left, they are winning some prizes!
Contact Ari Katz to get some of these beautiful additions to the goose family!

History of the Pomeranian Goose