Breeders of Rare Poultry !

Founding Members

  As Founding Members of this site, is our mission to locate, connect, & communicate with other poultry fanciers with the same goals we have in the preservation of our nations poultry.  You do not lead by force or demand, you lead by example.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Do not count your chicks before they hatch.
Always close the gates that you open behind you so as to let nothing out of it's pen.

The view is always beautiful if you are looking at it from the right per

HPBAA desperatey wanted to start a Facebook Page.  The lack of time & knowledge prevented this from happeningWe were so blessed when Ms. Kathy Hopkins voluntered to build our Facebook Page for us. 
Kathy is now our Lead Facebook

Founding Members:
Cottage Hill Farm
Ron M. Presley/Historian
HPBAA Facebook Administrator

Backwoods Poultry Farm
Buddy Henry
Site Builder/Secretary/Treasurer
P.O. Box 381
Ooltewah, TN 37363

Cumberland View Farm
Jim Bell/Preservationist

Rolling Acre Poultry
Jamie Miller/Incubation Specialist
HPBAA Facebook Administrator

W Bar T Farm
Tommy White/Breeder

HPBAA thought it would be nice if you were able to put a face with a name of this sites Founding Members.  We are more than Founding Members, we are long time friends with the love of poultry and the blessings of friendship.

Photo above from left to right front row, Mr. Ron Presley, Ms. Jamie Miller (sitting), & Mr. Buddy Henry.  Back row standing from left to right, Mr. Tommy White & Mr. Jim Bell.

Photo above from left to right, Mr. Ron Presley, Mr. Tommy White, Mr. Jim Bell, Mr. Buddy Henry, & Ms. Jamie Miller.

Behind the Scenes of Heritage Poultry Breeders Association of America

There are a few good people (in the photos below and to the left) that work behind the scenes of HPBAA that we feel need to be recognized and appreciated for their hardwork.


Mr. Phil Barrow is HPBAA's Videoaugrapher.  He is good with a camera and is the one that tapes most of the videos made by  HPBAA Founding Members.