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Application For Membership

Heritage Poultry Breeders Association of America is an open organizations for membership all over the United States.  It does not matter what State you are from, our poultry needs to be recognized and preserved.  We will join forces with all who are willing to do so with truth, honesty, & integrity.

Membership Requirements
You must own or be willing to own a large breed of chicken, waterfowl, or game bird.  You must be willing to accept the definition of your breed category as described on the definitions of our home page.  There are two categories of which your breed will fall into.  They are:

If you are from a different country, your website (if applicable) & contact information must be in english. 
National Poultry Improvement Plan) Certification is strongly recommended, but optional for membership.  To learn more on how to become NPIP Certified, contact your state's department of agriculture.  You can also read more about NPIP Certification on this site's page of information regarding NPIP.  This may not apply to those in other countries.
You must be willing to provide us with the truth regarding history, lineage, and all
background of the breed you are obtaining or have.  This will require a photo of your stock or a link to a website where we may go view them.
You must be willing to dedicate yourself to a breed you have for a long period of time.  The most sought after members are those who have been dedicated to the breeding of a certain breed for a number of years.

You must be willing to communicate with the founding members of this site and those that contact you for the breed or breeds you represent on a regular basis.
You must conduct yourself with integrity in the sale and promoting of the breed or breeds that you represent.
You cannot withhold any vital information regarding the status of the breed or breeds you are promoting from HPBAA or those seeking to
purchase from you.  This information includes, but is not limited to the health, lineage, & availability of your breed or breeds. 

In other words, we just simply expect our members to communicate & tell the truth.

You must be willing to pay non-refundable membership fee and accept the terms of this websites contents and conditions.
Membership Fees:
Membership fees for HPBAA are $15.00 a year.  For that fee, we will list your contact information, website link, and good photos of the breed or breeds that you are offering.  We will give you a full page in which we will display all the breeds you offer, including bantams.  We cannot give you a page if you do not send us your photos.  HPBAA will update that information regularly upon your request.
Your fees will go to the maintaining and growth of this website, support of possible newsletter publications, or poultry show

You will be contacted the following year at the beginning of the month of which you joined for a renewal fee of $15.00.  If you do not respond to that contact and/or pay the renewal, you will be removed from the site at the end of the month of which you joined the year prior.  If you want to know which month you joined us in to learn which month your fees are due at the end of, then look at your listing on your State or Country's page. 

In other
words, we hope to grow and allow you to grow with us!

Terms & Agreements
HPBAA reserves the right to reject any joining member, or remove a member based upon that persons failure to keep or provide the lineage & heritage of the breed or breeds of poultry that they retain. 
HPBAA will not tolerate profane language, false advertising, or rude behavior and conduct.
HPBAA will update changes to your advertisement, photos, or breed information upon immediate notification of those changes to us by you.  Failure to notify us of any changes to your contact information or breed status will result in the removal of your information from this site.

Application For Membership:
We thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Heritage Poultry Breeders Association of America. Please contact this sites Builder/Secretary/Treasurer, Mr. Buddy Henry at  
for information on how to proceed. 
When contacting Mr. Henry, please provide him with the following:

1.  Your Name:  _________________________________________ 
2.  Farm Name:  _________________________________________

3.  Positions Held
(A.P.A. Judge, Secretary of Breed Club, NPIP Tester, ect.):

4.  Mailing Address:  ______________________________________

5.  Email Address:  ________________________________________

6.  Website Link
(If Applicable):  _______________________________ 

7.  Your NPIP #
(If Applicable):  _______________________________

Your Phone #
(Private Records Only Unless Specified):

8.  List of Breeds


Also Include Bantams):  __________________________________________________

9.  Your NPIP # Your Phone # (While we do not promote bantams, out of courteousy of you as a Member, we will mention that you have bantams available on the Bantam Breeds Page.  We will also display a photo of them for you on your breed page.  Bantam photos will not be displayed without first receiving the large fowl photos).
10.  Lineage of Your Breed
(Lineage is Where You Obtained the Birds and How Long You Have Been Breeding Them):

10.  Tell Us How You Heard About Us:  __________________________________________________

If your breeds are from a hatchery, that is fine too.  HPBAA is all about telling the truth regarding the origin of breeds and breeders.  If you do not have a website, you may be ask to present a photo of your breed or breeds you wish to represent.  Thank you again for your interest in HPBAA.  We hope to have you be a part of us very soon.

This PayPal Button is for New Members only. 
If you are already a Member and wish to pay your yearly renewal with us, please use the next button. 
Attention Potential New Members:  Both a payment and a complete application must be recieved by us in order for you to be considered for membership.  If you are not accepted as a member, we will refund your fee promptly.

Membership Fee

This PayPal Button is for Existing Members only.  If you are a New Member wishing to join, please use the button above.  Attention Members:  It is best that you pay your renewal only after you have been contacted by us that it is due.  This helps us with record keeping.

Renewal Fee

This Button is for donations only.  Anyone may make a donation in any amount.  All donations are non-refundable and may be counted off on your taxes.  We are a non-profit organiztion.  All donations are used for the furtherance of this website and the preservation of this nations poultry.  Thank you for your contribution.

We are proud supporters of the
American Poultry Association