Breeders of Rare Poultry !


Our Story:
We were established on May 6, 2010.  After returning from a Poultry Show and seeing the lack of large fowl chickens in the show, we became concerned.  We also noticed that there were hardly any turkeys, geese, ducks, guineas, or peafowl represented.  We returned home and pooled our money and thoughts to start this website.  We look only to gain fame for the preservation of this nations poultry and not money.  However, we need fees to maintain the website and advertise.  We wanted a website where all are treated with honesty and integrity by the breeders that become members of this site.  We feel that the beginner with poultry is just as equal as the long time breeder.  We have all heard the horror stories of beginners trying to contact a long time breeder for good stock and getting ignored.  We strive to maintain communication among our Viewers, Members, & Founding Members.  We will not tolerate lack of communication or integrity.

Mission Statement:

     HPBAA founding members believe in the right to keep & raise poultry for exhibition, utility, and fun.

Our Goal:
HPBAA desires to be a user friendly site where both our members & visitors can learn and share knowledge about this nations poultry and their breeders.  This site is here to represent the most reputable breeders in the United States.  It is our hope to be a site for obtaining poultry, learning about the lineage of that poultry, & to protect those who know very little about poultry from those wishing to only gain profit.  It is here that you will gain knowledge of poultry health, incubation, & preservation. 
HPBAA founding members want to extend an invitation of membership to breeders who feel they are reputable and willing to share their birds with others.  If you desire to become a member of HPBAA, whether a breeder or not, go to our Membership page to learn more about our requirements.  On behalf of the Founding members of this site, we sincerely thank you for visiting us.

Founding Members:
Ron M. Presley:  Historian/Breeder

Buddy E. Henry:  Site Builder/Secretary/Treasure/Breeder

Jamie Miller:  Incubation Specialist/Breeder

Tommy White:  Breeder

          Jim Bell:  Preservationist/Breeder

HPBAA Proudly Supports the A.P.A.
American Poultry Association

  Heritage Poultry Breeders Association of America                       Heritage Poultry Breeders Association of America

      Art Work by Ms. Lynnrae Troples
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